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A short guide to finding newspapers for your research


Students and library staff should use this guide as a quick reference to get started looking for older issues of newspapers needed for history research assignments. It is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the periodicals provided by the library, nor is it a replacement for seeking assistance from a specialist.

Library Databases with newspapers

The Wiliam C. Jason Library no longer receives many of its newspapers in print form. It does, however, provide several databases that give DSU affiliated students, faculty and staff access to current and older issues of newspapers. Several databases allow users to search for newspapers exclusively via their "advanced search" features. The following are databases that we often use to find newspapers that way:

Library Catalogs and search tools

Electronic Newspapers/Articles

You can do searches on Summon and Worldcat to look for some (but not all) individual newspaper articles that are available online.

You can also use them to verify if we have a newspaper available electronically by doing a search on the name of the paper in WorldCat. If we own the it, the record for the newspaper that you pull up using this tool will provide you with the years that are available for it and a link that will take you to the database where the newspaper is. The eJournal Search is another way to do this, and is often easier to use than WorldCat.

Physical Newspapers

If you are looking for a copy of a newspaper in microfilm, use the Library Catalog find it.

Dates Available

No matter which format or tool you use, please keep an eye out for the dates of the newspaper that we have available.

Scanned newspaper archives

For very old newspapers, researchers are often at the mercy of commercial databases or free online scans of those papers that are provided by research libraries, museums, archives, historical organizations and other institutions with an interest in making these materials publicly accessible. There are hundreds of online projects of this nature going on across the country. Here are links to some of the larger ones, as well as a few sites that aggregate links to such projects:

Local archives and libraries

If you are looking for a small local newspaper, it might not be online. Consult your local library or state archive for assistance with these.