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University Archives: Archives FAQs

The Delaware State University Archives is home to the historic records of the University community.

User Registration Form

All users of the archives are required to fill out a registration form. It is available above should you wish to complete it prior to your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the archives?

The DSU archives is located on the first floor of the William C. Jason Library next to the main elevator. As you enter the library walk below the staircase and head straight back.  The archives will be on the left.  You can't miss the glass exhibit space.

Who can use the Archives?

Anyone! You do not have to be affiliated with Delaware State University in order to access the University Archives.

What should I bring?

You are welcome to bring a laptop computer or tablet for note taking or accessing the DSU wireless internet. 

You may not bring any food or drinks into the archives.  Writing implements with ink such as pens, highlighters, and markers are not permissible.  Additionally, you will be asked to close and stow any bags (laptop bags, backpacks, purses, etc).

These things are NOT allowed:

(food and drinks, pens, backpacks)                                         



 These things are allowed:

(pencils, cameras, laptops and tablets, portable scanners)




Is photography allowed? How about scanners?

Yes! You may take pictures and scans of the archival materials as long as you intend to use the reproductions for self-study.  If you would like to use the photographs for publication you will need to seek the permission of the university archivist in compliance with Title 17 of the US code. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fragile nature of some archival materials it may not be possible to scan the item. Please obey the directives from the archivist.

How do I make a copy of something?

The archives has a free photocopier for patron use. Additionally, there is a scanning station available in the main library, but if you wish to utilize it you must be accompanied by the archivist.  You will also need a flash drive.  PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fragile nature of some archival materials it may not be possible to photocopy the item. Please obey the directives from the archivist.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

Yes! You will have access to the DSU wireless network.

What should I expect on my visit?

When you arrive you will be asked to fill out a reference request worksheet on which you will be asked to provide your contact information including a home address, phone number, and email address. You will additionally be asked to agree to the user policy which will describe the best practices for working with archival materials.

Can I arrange to have the University Archivist speak to my class?

Yes! The university archivist would be happy to talk to your class about what archives are and how to use them, how to identify primary source materials, or work with you to present a specialized topic.  Please provide the archivist with an advanced notice so that she may properly prepare.

Do you have digitized material online?

Yes! We are currently constructing an online DSU digital repository! Please note that this is a newly acquired resource as of Spring 2019. It is a work in progress and new content is forthcoming. As of March 2019 ALL yearbooks found within the archives have been digitized and are available at

Alternatively, the DSU archives has made contributions to the Delaware Heritage Collection, a shared repository for institutions across the state. The DSU archives' digitized items found here include historic photographs, and a selection of campus publications.  You can access our page at

Does the University Archives accept materials from students and student organizations?

Yes! The archives is the repository for all historic records pertaining to Delaware State University.  We would welcome any materials that document your experiences here at Delaware State University.  

Archives vs. Libraries

If this is your first time using an archives, it is important to understand some of the differences between archives and libraries.

Libraries  Archives

Collections contain published materials, like books or magazines, that are available at numerous libraries.

Archival collections are largely made up of unpublished items, such as photos or letters, that are either one of a kind or rare.

You can browse the shelves to find materials.

Stacks are closed and materials are retrieved by staff.

 You can check materials out.  

Archival materials do not circulate.