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Stem Cell Research: Databases

Abstract and Full Text Databases

Scholarly and scientific abstract and full text databases are the most important resource to locate Stem Cell research. You will need your 14 digit barcode from your ID Card  in order to gain access to any electronic resource


Stem Cell Search Terms

adult stem cells

human cloning

Cloning -- history

in vitro fertilization

embryonic stem cells

genetic engineering

human embryo

stem cell transplantation

embryonic stem cells—research

regenerative medicine

neural stem cell

molecular cloning

stem cell research

reparative medicine

stem cells – research - religious aspects

Bioethics -- United States

Human cloning -- Religious aspects.

Embryo Research -- United States

Human cloning -- Moral and ethical aspects.

Cloning, Organism -- ethics

Human reproductive technology -- Moral and ethical aspects

Medical genetics -- Moral and ethical aspects

Religion and Medicine

Bioethical Issues.

Public Policy -- United States

Cloning -- Moral and ethical aspects