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English Composition I & II: Goals and Objectives

This guide is intended to assist students, faculty, and other users that are conducting research in the English Composition related topics.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives is to meet the needs of the undergraduate programs in the English and Foreign Language department.  User's will be able to use critical thinking in their research process.

The student learning outcome are:

   •Student's will be able to select and use the appropriate database(s) for the topic being searched

   •Student's will be able to search the databases(s) effectively, efficiently, and evaluate the results critically in selecting the journal articles, books, ebooks, etc. for the research.

   •The search strategy can be applied across subjects/disciplines and also successful life-long research skills 


Library of Congress Clissification

P: Language and Literature

P            Philology, Linguistics

PA         Classical languages and literatures

PB         Modern European languages

PC         Romance languages

PD         Germanic languages

PE         English language  (including dictionaries)

PF-PM   Other languages

PN         Literature (General)

PQ         Romance literatures

PR         English literaure

PS         American literature

PT         German literature

PZ         Juvenile literature

Library of Congress Subject Headings Search Terms

 English fiction                              English Composition           Short stories                           

 English language                        English literature                 American authors                     

English drama (Tragedy)             English grammar                English drama (Comedy)  

Women authors                           African authors                          Poets