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Google Scholar at William C. Jason Library: Searching Google Scholar at Delaware State University

What is Google Scholar?

  1. What is Google Scholar?
    • Google Scholar is a Web Search that enables researchers to search particularly for scholarly literature, including papers, theses, books, and reports
  2.  Why use Google Preferences?
    • Google Scholar will search for articles accessible to DSU.  Look for the Full Text @ JasonLibrary link. The Library provides access to many journal articles indexed in Google Scholar
  3. What should I do if the full text is not available?
    • Do not pay for any articles. The Library also provide access to materials not owned by or available at William C. Jason through Interlibrary Loan
  4.  How reliable is Google Scholar?
    • All search results are not “scholarly.” It is important to review and evaluate the information for its accuracy and relevancy to your research

Setting DSU Google Scholar Search Preferences

Google Scholar Search
If you are off campus you will need to set the preferences so that Google will show you the resources that William C. Jason Library provides.
2.  Select the Options Icon
3.  Click Settings from the top menu
4.  Click on Library Links from the navbar along the side of the page
5.  Enter Jason Library in the text field next to Library Links then click on the Search button
6.  Check the box in the front of our university name
7.  Check the box in the front of our university name, then click Save in the lower right corner