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Features and helps on Summon.

About Summon

Summon users

Summon a great place to start your research by discovering the breadth of your library:

  • Library Databases
  • Library Collections (library catalog, institutional repositories, and more)
  • Abstracting & Indexing (A&I) Resources
  • Open Access Collections

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What is being searched?

Starting your research in Summon is great because materials from throughout the library are being searched from the single search box.

A search on cat dog fish will retrieve items that contain all three words in the citation and/or in the full text of the item.

Running a search

Searching is as easy as Search - Refine - Get...

  • Search:  enter your search terms
  • Refine:  use the filters and facets on the left side of your search results.  For example, maybe you only want to view scholarly material
  • Get:  click on an item to access it

Refining your search to get the best material for your research can also be done by adding more keywords to your search. 

Just like searching the open web, you can indicate a phrase by putting quotation marks around the words.  The query "teacher education" will find results with that phrase.

Wanting to do a more targeted search?

Moving over to the Advanced Search page lets you be more specific with your search.  For example, you can tell Summon to look for the author "Sally Smith", so you can focus your search on materials by "Sally Smith" rather than about "Sally Smith".

Click on the down arrow next to the right of the keyword search box to go to Advanced Search.

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Search Query Help

Search Query Help

Summon Basic Search

About the video

This video will explain the basics of searching for:

  • content
  • refining the results using facets and filters
  • accessing content
  • saving citations

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Summon Advanced Search

About the video

Summon service contains billions of citations, and when you do a search in the basic Summon search box, you may get more results than you can easily work with. This video will explain advanced searching:

  • customize the search to discover certain keywords in specific metadata fields like:
    • author
    • subject
  • filter out content types you don’t need
  • much more

Source:  Proquest Summon