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Electronic Journal Portal Subject Resources: Scholarly vs Non-Scholarly

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Scholarly, Trade and Non-Scholarly Resources


Comparing Scholarly Journals, Popular Magazines and Trade Publications
Guidelines Scholar Journals Popular Magazines Trade Publications
Audience Scholars, researchers, students General public Industry professionals
Authors Experts in the field (faculty members, researchers) Magazine staff members, journalists, freelance writers Industry professionals, practitioners or specialists
Purpose To share research and scholarship with the academic community To inform or entertain Provides business industry information about relevant news, trends, and products
Bibliography/Sources Includes a bibliography, references, notes, and/or works cited section Rarely includes footnotes Sources and bibliographies are given
on occassion
Editors Editorial board of outside scholars (known as peer reviewed) Editors work for publisher Editorial staff, not peer reviewed
Writing Style Assumes a level of knowledge in the field Easy to read, aimed at the layperson Specialized terminology
Overall Look/Layout Primarily print with few pictures. Tables, graphs and diagrams are often included. If there are ads, they are for books or conferences. Contains ads and color photographs. Glossy Contains ads and color photographs. Glossy
  • Journal of Social Work Education
  • Journal of Health Education
  • Journal of Nursing Research
  • Newsweek
  • People
  • National Geographic
  • Glamour
  • Diary
  • Aviation Week