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A to Z Databases by Library Services: eJournal Portal Search eJournals and eBooks

William C. Jason Library provides access to a variety of research databases. This guide is designed as a one-stop-information resource to database research, ebooks, reference sources, AskRef, Post-a-Question and online catalog search tools.

How do I Locate Information?

1.  Browse A-to-Z ejournals and ebooks by title to locate materials 

  • Select A-to-Z to view All Titles
  • Select a Database Dropdown  
  • View More Results to Locate Information                




2.  Find e-journals by title or ISSN

    ** For example input social work, education,  business, or chemistry to retrieve a list of titles

3.  Browse e-resources by Medical Subject Headings

     *** Use the dropdown menu to view subjects


4.  Browse e-journals by subject

     ** Use the dropdown menu to view subjects

1. Browse A-to-Z ejournals by title or select a database

   Browse A-to-Z eJournals and eBooks by title:


2. Locate eJournals and more.. (Searches by Title or ISSN)

Search for Periodical Titles

3. Browse e-resources by Medical Subject Headings:


4. Subject Search

Browse e-journals by subject: